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Rich but Simple

WP CrowdFunding is a powerful WordPress plugin for fundraising sites. Project owners and backers can manage everything from the frontend UI. Despite being loaded with tons of features, the plugin is still very lightweight.

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Override Templates

The plugin supports template overriding, so you can easily customize the style of the pages/elements generated by WP CrowdFunding. New enhancements will remain saved even after updates.

Based on WooCommerce

WP CrowdFunding uses the power of WooCommerce to accept and manage pledges from backers. We’ve deeply paired the world’s renowned e-commerce system for WordPress with our crowdfunding plugin.

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Money Management

We’ve made the pathway for the flow of funds smooth throughout the total system powered by WP CrowdFunding. Here you can use several payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, cards and so on.


At WP Neo, we’ve developed the groundbreaking WP CrowdFunding plugin to empower
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